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Flappy Bird 1.3

Flappy Bird 1.3 Free Download

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Spread your wings up to the pipes!


Flappy Bird is a simple runner game in which you will control a small bird that has to avoid crashing into the numerous obstacles that it will find on its path. Created by Dong Nguyen from .GEARS Studios for Android and iOS mobile devices to download, this App features an addictive and intuitive gameplay as well as a high level of difficulty.

The gameplay’s development is quite simple; you really only have to tap the screen whenever you want the bird to get up and keep its fly avoiding the stage’s pipes. Although it may seem easy it is not. You have to take care and know exactly when to tap for not hitting the obstacles. You can’t expect anything more of this App since there is nothing more; just keep flapping to beat your record.

This App features an addictive and intuitive gameplay as well as a high level of difficulty

The design has been influenced by classic retro games made by Nintendo. The sprites really remind us of the original SNES Super Mario Bros, not only because the pipes and the level design but also because of the bird that really seems like one those annoying flying fish. Aside from that there is not too much added except for the sky that changes from day to night and that the bird changes its color randomly in a new run.

As simple as tapping on the screen
As simple as tapping on the screen

Endless flapping

Time or duration won’t be a problem for this game to download. Flappy Bird is an infinite game. Progress is marked by the number of pipes you have already crossed, but the difficulty doesn’t increase during the stage; it remains the same. The only reason to keep playing is just to beat you own previous record and to get a new metal medal depending on your score. There are four different medals available: bronze, silver, gold and finally platinum. Each one of them will be more difficult to achieve, except for the platinum that is insanely difficult.

If you want to compare your development with other players, once the game over title is shown you can share your own score all around the Internet. In this free ranking you will be able to check how the mobile game goes and the number of players that keep trying to beat this infinite title.

Flappy Bird 1.3 Features

Check the main features of Flappy Bird for all its platforms:

  • Simple and addictive gameplay development that will keep you stuck to the touchscreen to beat your personal record
  • Share your score with the entire world through the available option from the main screen and check others’ progress
  • The bird changes its color randomly in each new game, and the sky changes also
  • The progression level will be rewarded with the different medals you can earn from bronze as the easiest to platinum as the most difficult one
  • Play as long as you want in its endlessly-designed levels while enjoying 8-bit produced music

In case you want to learn more about the game and download related projects, be free to check its developer’s site through the following

System Requirements

Check the specifications for Flappy Bird mobile App:

  • OS: Android 2.2, iOS 4.3 or later version for iPhone or iPad
  • Free Space: 2.30MB for the installation

free download


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